Swiss Williamson


From growing up in East St. Louis to scaling Himalayan peaks, a passion to innovate in the most challenging environments runs in my veins.


An enduring sense of responsibility and a burning passion for learning wakes me up in the morning. Specific areas of interest include skunk works, human capital, strategy, physics, finance, team building, and startup investing.

When I'm not diving into an online course, audiobook, or conducting a personal interview, I’m guiding team building retreats performing improv comedy, rock climbing, flying my paraglider, writing music, or taking the dog out for a run. Anything new and uncomfortable. You name it; I’m down!

As intense as these former interests are, people are my highest priority. I am here to guide and learn alongside others. Advancing human curiosity is what makes my life worth living.


Bold Action, Enthusiastic Love, Exploration, and Fun!


Build a more curious universe through leading world-class teams who do vital work for the longevity and love of humanity.